TOPdesk connector for Splunk

Connect Splunk with TOPdesk for the automatic creation of actionable tickets.

Automate ticket creation in TOPdesk from Splunk

Track TOPdesk incident progress in Splunk

√ Enrich your Splunk platform with TOPdesk information

SMT TOPdesk connector for Splunk

Automate manual incident creation from Splunk!

With the TOPdesk connector for Splunk you can automate the creation of tickets in TOPdesk based on Splunk alert logic. Use the connector to enrich TOPdesk incidents with information from Splunk and directly assign them to the correct team, further reducing time taken for incident resolution.


TOPdesk connector for Splunk

Combining for Synergy

The connector creates actionable tickets in TOPdesk based on data, analysis, correlation and intelligence from Splunk. These tickets can be generated automatically and Splunk populates them for you. This leaves you time for solving the problem itself and eliminates possible errors when copy & pasting information. The Connector allows for the selection of the appropriate Operator Group to which the ticket should be assigned as well.

TOPdesk incident management can now be applied to tickets from Splunk. The creation of TOPdesk incidents can also be integrated into the IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Event Management facilities and Enterprise Security (ES) Incident Review. One click access is provided from a TOPdesk incident to the related Splunk information as well as from Splunk, ITSI and ES to the corresponding TOPdesk incident.

In addition, you can make TOPdesk data available in Splunk for better analysis and correlation.

The connector gives you:
  • Actionable tickets in TOPdesk, based on data, analysis, correlation and intelligence from Splunk.
  • Automatic ticket generation by Splunk in TOPdesk. No more manual ticket creation!
  • Track TOPdesk incident progress in Splunk.
  • One Click access from TOPdesk to related Splunk information and vice versa.

How to implement the add-on?

The TOPdesk connector for Splunk is packaged as a bundle of Splunk apps and can be installed via the Splunk User Interface. Want to know more? Please drop us a line at or fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you!